Smart Traffic Power Quality Management Solution

Delta offers innovative smart traffic solutions for fulfilling the requirements of a smart city. A smart city is the archetype for a smart earth. It represents today's innovative urban development affecting city management, social development, living environment, public connections, daily operations, livelihood, entertainment and social activities. Smart traffic is an important aspect of a smart city, which also extends to cyber city, digital city or U-city developed using internet information. Its application can be closely and innovatively combined with people's behavior patterns, habits, economic growth, policies, laws, and more.

Smart traffic control system and equipment finds application in harsh environmental conditions, such as hot, cold or dusty locations with electromagnetic interference, lightning, static electricity, vibration, or impact. As a result, it requires automation solutions and communication devices with high reliability and safety, such as automatic fault alarms, automatic trouble shooting devices, backup power supplies, and more. To assure the smooth operation of smart traffic control, the solution system and equipment require:
.High reliability
.Alarm functions with intelligent system monitoring to avoid system damage
.Effective management for users to easily master the operation of industrial Ethernet connections
.Rapid system reconnection after interruption for equipment safety and normal operation