Delta Unveils New Innovative AI Server Power Solutions at APEC 2024: ORV3 33kW / 18kW Power Shelves and Vertical Power Delivery Solutions

LONG BEACH, Calif., February 26, 2024 — Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, presented the next-generation power solutions capable of enhancing the energy efficiency in AI servers and data centers at IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2024. These include Delta’s Open Rack Version 3 (ORV3) 1OU 18kW and 1OU 33kW Power Shelves featuring power supplies with an impressive efficiency up to 97.5%. The next-generation Vertical Power Delivery Solution, equipped with the new DC-DC Converters VR Series for voltage regulation at the GPU, CPU and ASIC levels, offers improved energy efficiency when compared to traditional lateral power architectures in AI servers.

Alex Lee, Vice President of Channel Business at Delta Electronics (Americas), remarked, “As our world continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the ORV3 power and Vertical Power Delivery solutions stand as testaments to Delta’s unwavering commitment to energy conservation. In a landscape driven by the ever-growing power demands of AI and advanced technologies, Delta embraces the challenges head-on using cutting-edge power technologies to improve energy efficiency. Our pioneering power solutions will empower various industries to realize the goal of sustainability.” 

ORV3 Power: Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency for AI Servers

Delta’s ORV3 6-slot power shelves were meticulously designed to deliver substantial energy savings for AI servers. The power shelves can be fitted with Delta's new 3kW or 5.5kW hot-pluggable power supply units (PSU) for a maximum power of 18kw or 33kw while operating at an impressive peak power conversion efficiency of 97.5%. They also integrate power management controllers (PMCs) featuring industry-leading Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality to enhance operational performance of data centers.

The power shelves also support a 48/50 VDC output voltage, greatly reducing electricity distribution losses compared to traditional 12 VDC. Notable features include a 150% load capability for 20 milliseconds and scalability with communication protocols such as Puos over 12C and RS485 for secure monitoring and control. 

Vertical Power Delivery Solution: Meeting the Demands of AI Servers

To reduce unnecessary power waste from Power Distribution Network (PDN) design in server power supplies, Delta launched the DC-DC converter voltage regulator (VR) series, which is applicable to the latest Vertical Power Delivery solution, the evolution of board power delivery. This solution adopts vertical placement of DC-DC converters, which, compared to the traditional horizontal one, improves overall efficiency by bringing the DC-DC converter closer to points of load (ASIC/CPU) and cutting the PDN’s power loss. Their solution of placing DC-DC converters underneath ASIC/CPU also frees up space on the top side of the system board for other potential applications.

Together with the ORV3 18kW 1OU Power Shelf and VR Series for Vertical Power Delivery solution, Delta successfully improves AI servers’ power conversion efficiency and reduces unnecessary energy waste to usher in a new era of an AI-generated future. 

Visitors are welcome to explore Delta’s booth, #2364, at APEC 2024 in Long Beach from February 25th – 29th. Come and witness how these groundbreaking power solutions pave the way for sustainable and high-performance data centers.

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