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100W~7.5kW* - Delta Group
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The ECMA is Delta's general purpose, permanent magnet servo motor series. The ECMA series is plug-n-play with our A2 Intelligent or B2 Economy servo drives.


This series of Servo motor is available from 50W to 15kW. The ECMA servo motor series is a state of the art Servo motor. Its segmented stator results in low flux loss. The case and bearings are designed to withstand 2.5Gs of vibration. Rare earth magnets, Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NeFeB) are used in the rotor for high torque to size ratio. Delta's ECMA motor series is 10 pole design (unlike the more common 6 or 8 pole) and delivers low cogging and smoother motion than other servomotors on the market.

Performance of the ECMA servo motor in combination with Delta's Servo Drives is outstanding.


● Maximum torque is on the order of 300% of rated.
● Peak speed is as high as 5000rpm.
● Multiple Shaft options are available.
● Both Incremental and Absolute (Multi Turn) encoders.
● Other options like a holding brake, spring loaded oil seal, and IP67 connectors adds even more value and flexibility to this servo motor series.

Product List

ECMA Low Inertia series with leads
ECMA series with Bulk Head MS-Connectors
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