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OEM machinery builders are able to more effectively design-in smaller sized servomotors with leads.


● These servomotors range from 100W to 750W (0.32Nm to 2.39Nm continuous torque).
● Available in 220V and 400V class versions.
● Rated Speed for these Servomotors are 3000RPM.
● These small servomotors come standard with quick connectors or optional Spring locking IP67 connectors, make wiring easy.
● Tapped and keyed shaft is standard while holding brake is optional.
● Designer has a choice of 20-bit incremental or 17-bit multi-turn (16-bit) absolute encoder for feedback.
● All servomotors with leads come with spring loaded oil seal.


Product List

ECMA Motors with Bulkhead Connectors
ASDA-A2 Servo Drive
ASDA-A2R Servo Drive
ASDA-B2 Servo Drive Series
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