Precision Cooling

The most reliable and efficient cooling solutions

As a leading global manufacturer of fans and a specialist in power management, Delta Electronics was perfectly positioned to develop Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions in order to provide practical, optimized, innovative methods for data center cooling. Delta’s precision cooling enthalpy laboratory carefully verifies cooling system performance and reliability during the engineering development and design process to ensure high product performance.

Specialized forms of air conditioning and temperature control have been developed to cater to the unique cooling system needs of contemporary data centers. Traditional precision air conditioning is not appropriate in many cases as a data center cooling system. This type of air conditioning cannot provide adequate heat removal for data centers due to the problems of uneven heat distribution, load variations experienced during peak and off-peak periods, and high power density. An optimal data center cooling system must accommodate for each of these factors. Instead of traditional precision air conditioning methods, Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions employ either chilled water or refrigerant types to remove the heat produced by the hardware within the data center.

Cooling units can be installed in a modular rack design, which enables quick configuration and is readily expandable by load. Data center cooling by water is safe for the equipment it protects due in part to built-in leakage detectors, which can display leaks and offer alerts in a timely manner. With manual dehumidification capacity, Delta’s data center cooling system offers a rapid and precise means of adjusting the level of moisture within the air, and keeping humidity levels within the ideal range required by the data center equipment.

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