Pump Jack Control

Delta Industrial Automation Solutions Business Group helped an oil and gas company upgrade the pump-off controller on their “pump-jack” system. Utilizing Delta’s AC drive solution and active front end resulted in decreased maintenance costs, decreased energy costs, and increased process visibility.

The existing system exhibited irregular pausing problems in the pump action due to high loading on the pump rod within the well. The sudden starts and stops result in extra wear and tear on the pump and gearbox. The Delta AC drive now smoothly controls the speed of the pump jack, and is initially adjusted based on loading rather than being cut off altogether.

Additional Benefits:
Delta Active Front End allows for power regeneration while pump is on the down stroke.
Delta HMI maps the load against the pump position, displaying it in a typical dynamometer card.
Over time, the cycle of increasing and decreasing speed based on loading results in an optimum speed for maximum flow rate without overdrawing the well.

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