OEM Solutions

Delta Industrial Automation is devoted to the advancement of smart, green manufacturing automation initiatives and provides highly efficient and reliable control technology products including - programmable logic & motion controllers, AC motor drives, AC servo systems, human machine interfaces, temperature controllers, network communication modules, power quality, sensors, power supplies, linear actuators and robotics.

With Delta's wide range of products, robust systems, and staff expertise, it is possible to configure many applications in unique ways to maximize value and keep machinery applications on the cutting edge of technology. The rapidly growing Industrial Automation Business Group is continuously developing next-generation technology with higher levels of features and functions that create value innovation.

Delta and its authorized network of systems integrators and panels builders collaborate with OEM and customer engineering staff to conceptualize, design, develop and manufacture cost efficient automation solutions with Delta’s Industrial Automation Product Technology. This includes software integration, panel fabrication, layout and electrical designs to meet UL508A standards – and range in functional use as localized stand-alone control to remote monitoring via the cloud. These solutions are offered as Standardized or OEM custom control panels for industry specific applications such as C2000 Pump Package for Oil & Gas and CP2000 Bypass package for HVAC.

Delta has worked with many OEM's in the past to understand specialized needs, and offers:
• Collaboration on sourcing, demand and production planning, or other aspects of product management
• Designing or engineering capabilities if launching, re-designing, or tweaking products, even for low-volume, high-mix products
• Investing Delta resources to work in advance with multiple OEM functionary departments such as procurement, logistics, engineering, design and product management; even before the first order
• The ability to consolidate shipments and transfer manufacturing for high-volume
• Protection of intellectual property
• The ability to handle buffer inventory/safety stock, reverse engineering and re-work
• Providing engineering services and panel build on multiple custom products over many industries

In expansion of the above engineering services, Delta also provides:
• Project management
• Project and design review meetings
• Documentation (Functional Specification, Design Specification, OEM documentation updates)
• Electrical drawings (Panel layout, power distribution, I/O wiring, network architecture)
• Industrial Automation programming and configuration
• Panel build and testing
• Factory Acceptance Testing
• Onsite Services and support
• On-going support
• Product Warranty covering 3rd party product.