Brewery and Fermentation Control

Delta Industrial Automation’s Solution Business Group successfully partnered with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of craft breweries to provide an industrial grade panel solution to meet growing industry needs.

The PLC fermentation control panel from Delta provides control and monitoring of brewery fermentation tanks locally and remotely. The system sends out email and/or text alerts when the tank temperatures fall outside the user defined limits. This greatly reduces the risk of losing a batch. The system offers increased control/monitoring for your staff with consistent and reliable temperature control to increase efficiency and decrease the probability of a lost batch. The fermentation control panel was also designed with modularity where control of 8, 16, or 24 tanks is possible with the ability to easily expand to larger quantities.

Brewery control panels are available with switches ("Manual") on two vessel systems, and touch screens ("Automatic") on systems with three or more vessels. The manual style control panel offers VFD control and temperature controllers, and the automatic style control panel offers VFD control, temperature controllers, flow control, and pneumatic valve controls for the entire brewhouse. The automatic control panel allows brewers to enter "recipes" for their beer, locking in the amount of time spent in each step and the speeds of each motor during each step. This design allows brewers the ability to create top quality brews consistently.

Please contact distributor and installation partner to purchase a panel solution: or 919-400-9087.