Elevators are necessary for transporting passengers and goods within buildings. Besides providing lift, the primary functions for an elevator are safety and a comfortable ride.

Delta's elevator drives are equipped with a 32-bit high speed CPU providing fast response, large output torque, precise positioning control and many excellent features to ensure the elevator levels perfectly with each floor every time the door is opened. In addition, it features fast response to calculate the required starting torque when different weights enter the elevator to provide a smooth lift, and can precisely determine the car load to prevent null-speed slipping of the elevator.

For additional energy-savings, Delta provides a power regeneration device, the Active Front End Unit AFE2000 Series. The AFE2000 is capable of improving system power quality and collecting the regenerative energy of the elevator to convert into reusable electricity for other facilities to use. For different industrial needs, Delta has also introduced the Integrated Elevator Drive IED Series which combines a host controller and drive function into one drive unit which simplifies the procurement and maintenance process and also provides reliable and safe rides. An elevator solution using the AFE2000 Series with Delta's elevator drive and permanent magnet motor provides energy saving results of more than 40%.