Power Quality Management

Modern electrical equipment is frequently used in industrial and commercial areas. With the latest industrial developments and technological improvements, people demand better power stability, reliability and quality. However, while automation equipment brings production efficiency and convenience, it also pollutes the power grids and brings power quality problems. How to maintain a stable power quality becomes the key to power efficiency. Good power quality helps to extend equipment lifetime, avoid system overload that damages equipment and most importantly, it reduces the risk of power failure and saves on repair costs.

Power management can be applied to a variety of industrial equipment to improve power quality, such as inverters, welding machines and heaters in factories, lighting in buildings, UPS, HVAC, MRI and X-ray machines in hospitals, electric car charging stations and more. The use of these devices influences the power quality and generates non-linear current that increases equipment failure rates, maintenance costs and energy consumption. Delta has launched its Active Power Filter APF2000 Series and Static Var Generator SVG2000 which can effectively filter harmonics and compensate reactive current to improve the power factor for better power quality and efficiency. It replaces the need for capacitors, which solves the frequent replacement cost of capacitors due to its short lifespan and also reduces the risk of power cable overheating problems. In addition, a high power factor avoids utilities penalties for poor power quality and brings clean and efficient power to the power grid.